Simple “DOs” and “DON’Ts” – Shifting your Mind

What is a Healthy Mind to you?

For me, it’s about thinking clearly, from a positive and objective perspective. It’s not fooling around and making yourself miserable. It’s being in a state of growth-mindset instead of a fixed-mindset.

It’s letting go what’s bad for you and embracing what makes you happy and motivates you. A healthy mind is constantly learning, observing, adapting.

I’m never the person that I was yesterday.

NO, I don’t have multiple personalities and YES, I’m reliable. You know you can change your mind about things, right? Just don’t expect that this will make sense to others, what matters is that this makes sense to YOU.

Based on my own experiences, a lot of reading and listening to people, I’ve figure it out some “DOs” and “DON’Ts” to assist with balance.


  • Pay attention to what happens around you and how it affects you.
  • Be positive. Positive thoughts and actions attracts more positivity into your life.
  • Analyse things from different perspectives to be aware of different possibilities and outcomes. 
  • Be patient and sympathetic. Always put yourself in other people’s shoes to make sure that you’re acting in a way that you’d appreciate. 
  • Be humble. There’s always space for learning and improving, even though you believe that you already master something in particular. 
  • Believe in your capacity. Really, if other people thrived, you can thrive too!
  • Meditate. There’s no better way to calm your mind and it also gives you focus and helps with patience. 
  • Forgive. Anger, resentment, guilt, blame….how heavy are those words? Imagine carry them around with you. To forgive is a true act of love. It’s not easy, but is doable. Face this as a daily exercise. Start forgiving simple things first and then move on to bigger things.
  • Be grateful. After love, this is the best feeling you can carry with you. The feeling of gratitude. When you’re grateful in life, you’ll find that life will reciprocate it to you.
  • Ask questions. Be sure to always ask the right questions to get to the bottom of things. Questions lead to answers, and answers give you information. Also, asking the right questions can show someone that you care about them and it’s a safe way to avoid assumptions altogether. 
  • Treat yourself and others with respect. “Respect to be respected”.


  • Don’t create meaning for everything. Not everything that happens to you, or the responses you get, have an underlying significance. 
  • Don’t label everything. Labels that you give to people and things overall can come with a lot of hidden connotation. That’s usually toxic and doesn’t add any value to your intellect.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others (or one person to another). Typically, there’s only two outcomes: a sense of superiority or a sense of inferiority. They’re both unhealthy.
  • Don’t let people’s comments get to you. Since the dawn of time, there’s been always someone ready to give unwelcome advices, criticise and plant wrong ideas in one’s head. Don’t fall for that. Be your own critic and be fare to yourself.
  • Don’t be judgmental. Don’t judge someone from what they have or haven’t done. You can never know what goes inside someone’s head. Sometimes, someone in a bad place might cause a lot of damage, but we should always try to be the bigger person and land them a hand, instead of point fingers. 
  • Don’t ever EVER make assumptions. Once I heard from someone that assumptions can be quite dangerous. Assumption is defined as a thing that is accepted as true without proof. It’s pretty much like gossip, if you ask me, but worse. It’s like “knowing what’s true without really knowing”. That’s foolish.
  • Don’t overreact. There’s always a safe exit. Take your time to assess the information and come up with a better plan than panicking or stressing out. 

I Could go on and on but I think that these are the key elements to work on improving your mindset, at least to start with.

Be more aware of your thoughts and actions and gradually it will give you an idea of how to create healthy habits and leave your old clothes behind.

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