Reclaim Power


Who never saw themselves floating in the pace of their lives, like a spectator watching a movie passing in front of their eyes?

That rush. That number of events happening, that is so overwhelming that makes you feel like you are having an out-of-body experience?

We go through some serious stuff like low self-esteem, overweight, self-doubt, anxiety, depression, low energy, lack of focus, hormonal imbalances, gut problems, skin conditions, etc.

The list is infinite.

Eventually we all face some issue that we would rather not.

It took me some time to realise that I’m actually in control of the events that I go through in my life and that I could reclaim power, turning the game around.

By “turning the game around”, I mean genuinely being in control of my own body and mind.

There is a new way of detoxing out there. And that, my friend, is a much much different story.

Stick around and I will tell you more.