Easy Poached Pear Recipe

Thinking about a special desert? I did this amazing recipe for last Valentine's Day and it-was-a-HIT! I confess I've nerver eaten this famous desert before. I've only imagined how tasty it was, and I must say that it didn't let me down. On the contrary, this desert exceeded my expectations because it was soooo easy … Continue reading Easy Poached Pear Recipe

Buttery Pumpkin Soup

You have to agree with me: This is true comfort food. Right? I LOVE a creamy pumpkin soup. It's a classic dish and so easy to do! It goes well in a cold day or any other day to be honest. If it's winter where you are, even better. You can wrap yourself in a cosy … Continue reading Buttery Pumpkin Soup

Sugar Detox

I’ve always had a sweet tooth. Fruits, ice creams, chocolate, baked goods, special deserts, anything like that would certainly sweet up my day. Things made with sugar are pretty and meant to be mouth-watering. Not fair! Eating those sugary things used to give me instant pleasure, however what would come afterwards wasn’t pleasant at all. […]